PesaMkononi: Kenya's Financial Literacy and Digital Finance Expo

"PesaMkononi," Swahili for "Money in Hand," is an innovative financial literacy event designed for Kenyan youths and adults eager to enhance their financial acumen and embrace digital finance technologies. This event provides a platform to learn about fundamental financial principles, investment strategies, and the burgeoning world of digital finance, including mobile money, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. The event will replicate the interactive and educational format of the MyFLY events, with a tailored focus on the financial environment and opportunities within Kenya. Participants will engage with financial experts, partake in interactive sessions, and gain practical knowledge on navigating the financial landscape, from traditional savings to digital investments​.

2022 MyFly Summer Conference

This event is tailored for ambitious students seeking to expand their knowledge in finance, investing, and the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Discover the key principles and strategies to excel as a successful investor, gain insights from seasoned professionals in the field, and explore the profound impact of blockchain technology on our evolving world. Uncover the exciting realms of NFTs and the Metaverse, and delve into the fascinating realm of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your passion for finance, become a trailblazer in the digital revolution, and pave the way for a prosperous future.

BC Securities Commission

On January 24th, 2022, MyFLY connected with Junior Achievement BC and high school students across BC in providing a Q&A session with David Rajanayagam, Senior Compliance Analyst for the BC Securities Commission. Students from Handsworth’s AP Microeconomics 12 and Entrepreneurship 9 classes, along with Business Education classes at Chase Secondary (Chase, BC) and Reynolds Secondary (Victoria, BC) discussed finance and investing with David for an hour-long session.

Topics explored ranged from David’s experiences in finance to investing strategies and implications of conventional and recent investing methods and technologies. Attached below is a clip discussing the differences in Mutual Fund and Share classes, and the risks in comparison to short and long term investments.

Elementary School Programming

Implementing financial education for youth has been one of the main goals of MyFLY since its inception. We have developed a programming course for elementary schools across the North Shore for Grades 5-7. Presentations begin with the defining of important financial terms such as inflation and interest. Students later learn the basics to the common ways to invest: investing in a stock, bond, or real-estate.

At MyFLY, we believe that learning involves more than just instruction. During presentations, we ensure student participation through class discussions, asking questions, and worksheets and handouts. Attached below is an example of one of many worksheets completed by students during presentations. Students are provided an answer key at the end of presentations to evaluate their understanding. PowerPoint presentations are meticulously designed to ensure student engagement and participation. Through the use of animations, questions, and videos, students have continuously displayed focus for presentations 1.5 hours in length.

High School Programming

As students prepare for post secondary education and their future careers, the necessity for understanding important financial concepts increases substantially. Our high school presentations teach students a variety of concepts that are crucial for financial success. Discussions include topics such as banking, long-term investing, investing strategies, and types of investments.

At the high school level, students are given opportunities to meet with a variety of guest speakers who share their perspectives on finance and preparement for future careers. Students participate in year-long group investment competitions where they have the opportunity to put their acquired skills to practice.

High school programming

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Interview with Andri Ngaserin

Andri Ngaserin. He is Head of Research at Jarvis Asset Management (Indonesia), which invests in equities and is co-founder of Mission 300, a crypto investment firm.

2023 MyFly Finance Conference

We are excited to welcome you to Finance Nexus 2023: a three-day webinar designed to inform, engage, and inspire the next generation of finance professionals and business visionaries. Over the course of this event, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the realms of Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Investment Banking. Each day will feature industry leaders who will share their insights, experiences, and the dynamic nature of their respective fields.

July 28th is dedicated to Venture Capital, July 29th to Private Equity, and July 30th to Investment Banking.Don't miss out on this opportunity to glean valuable knowledge from top professionals in these areas. Prepare to be part of the movement that shapes the finance leaders of tomorrow at Finance Nexus 2023.


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