International Finance and Blockchain Conference 2022

June 17-19 |5 pm–8 pm PDT

Join our 3-day webinar to take the next step toward becoming successful investors and entrepreneurs.

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What's happening?

Finance and Investing

The first day's speakers will consist of portfolio managers from Canada's largest investment firms (CI Global Asset Management, EdgePoint Wealth, and Dynamic Funds), and overseas bankers and investment managers.


Image of Raymond Lai
Raymond Lai
Image of Alex O'Hara
Alex O'Hara
Image of Luke Luo
Luke Luo
Image of Nicholas Tan
Nicholas Tan

Conference 2022

As the world digitally evolves, the demand for learning and understanding the function of technology and financial sectors skyrockets. Real education today goes far beyond what's taught in standard schooling systems. Therefore, we want to create a movement to educate and inspire the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Welcome to the International Finance and Blockchain Conference 2022: a 3-day webinar intended for young, aspiring students looking to take the next step toward becoming successful investors and entrepreneurs.

Specifically, you'll learn...

  • The financial principles to become a successful investor
  • The experiences of professionals in finance and investing
  • The process and strategies used by investing professionals
  • The influence of blockchain technology in our developing world
  • The highly budding interest in NFTs and the Metaverse
  • The shift into cryptocurrency and decentralized finance
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The conference is designed for students harboring an interest in the future of finance, investing, technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and more. All participants receive insights and knowledge from professionals around the world.

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