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MyFLY is always open to new members. If you are interested in joining, we have several affiliate clubs and organizations in locations across the world.

Additionally, students can contact the heads of the affiliate clubs to become an active supporting member.

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We believe that students learn best when taught by peers who can understand and relate to them.
We believe in making financial wisdom accessible to all, regardless of their family’s income or connections.
We believe education is key in breaking cycles of poverty that separate young people from financial freedom.
Being a part of MyFLY has helped me find my passion for investing and finance. Being a student at Handsworth Secondary, I had the opportunity to attend the various events that MyFLY would host on behalf of the Handsworth Investment Club.

Their presentations make learning about finance something easy and fun! I am proud to say that MyFLY has allowed me to become ten times more financially educated as I was before becoming a member.

Brooklyn Hurtado, Grade 12

As someone who originally was not a fan of attending clubs and learning about finance, I have been able to transform my whole outlook thanks to MyFLY.

Each meeting and each new lecture has allowed me to learn concepts that continuously benefit my everyday life. I once knew next to nothing about investing and stocks. Now, I am able to teach my friends and manage my money better. Thanks MyFLY!

Danae Jan, Grade 11

I have been able to transform my whole outlook thanks to MyFLY. I’ve always been interested in 3D design and new technologies. Now, I have been able to explore my new passion for putting my two interests together as I learn more about the NFT and Metaverse space!

MyFLY’s presentations have allowed me to learn the fundamentals of these emerging innovations and I was taught everything needed to know from the basics to the complex processes. MyFLY has made my learning experience never ending. I now strive to continue my passions for NFTs and the Metaverse thanks to MyFLY.

Seth McPhail, Grade 10

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Financial Literacy Programs

Implementing financial education for youth has been one of the main goals of MyFLY since its inception. We have developed financial literacy presentations that allow students to understand important concepts on basic investing and personal finance.

Join us at various high school and elementary school events, and immerse yourself in a class designed to prepare you for a successful financial future. We discuss concepts essential for understanding personal finance, and students learn to be future smart investors.

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